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    JKLast Member
    27 Авг 2016
    Netherlands / Holland
    Welcome to the Forums!

    Recently, I have noticed that some English-Speaking players struggled to apply to JKLast clans. Furthermore, there was some difficulties in understanding the rules of the JKLast server. In this post I will provide a simple guide followed with direct links to the topics and instructions needed for proceeding to become a member of JKLast Community

    This Post is dedicated to players who:

    1. Trying to apply to a clan;
    2. Having a problem with understanding the rules of Server/Clan.
    3. Applying for an administrative role.

    First of all, I you are willing to join the JKLast community, you are required to sign our rules (JKLast: Ознакомиться и подписать.). Pay attention that in the first line, there is a link to the Rules of the Server (http://jklast.ru/threads/pravila-jklast.119/). I will translate the Server Rules below.

    According to the Rules of JKLast,

    1) All members of JKLast Community must know, respect and follow the rules of our Server. ] Основные Правила JKLast [

    2) You have to respect all JKLast Clans and respect other clans that are attending our Server
    3) You have to respect equally old and new players. Everyone has started playing JKA for a first time.
    4) You are required to respect administrators of both Server and Forum and those who are ranked higher than you within your clan or hierarchy of administrators. Those players are placed on that ranks for a purpose. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact any administrator or me directly.

    Summarising the information above, after signing the rules you are able to apply to clans or administrative roles.

    Now, when you signed the Rules of
    JKLast Community you are able to post your Application for a Clan you are interested in. The Community Page (Clans) is available here: http://jklast.ru/categories/soobschestva-jedi-academy.25/

    Server Rules:

    1. No Laming. Laming is attacking players with Saber off, Chat Bubble up and Protect. When you have fists = you are armed and if someone attacks you - this wouldn't be counted as Laming. Flipkicks = allowed. Force use to others = allowed. Exception: Safe zone ffa3.
    2. No Flaming. Flaming is an intentional insult regarding other player.
    3. No Spamming. Spamming is an intentional message flood.
    4. No Recruiting. You are not allowed to invite people to other clans or communities in Main Chat.
    5. Do not Provoke! Provocation is not acceptable and you may face punishment.
    6. English/Russian only in Main Chat. You may be silenced after continuos usage of other language.
    7. You are restricted from putting on clan teg of any JKLast Clan without legal approval. It is not allowed to put on Names of Bots (jklast.ru/Sunny/Fake). It is not allowed to put on Names of Players who are currently in Ban List, you might be banned as well.
    8. Unpaid Advertisements are not allowed.
    9. Intentional Escape from the punishment may result in being Kicked/Banned. You are required to listen to the administrator during your punishment.

    Last one is applying to an Administrative Role. This might be the most interesting part to some of you. I must mention that it is not likely that you can successfully meet the requirements since this is the mostly Russian-Speaking Community and requirements are quite high, but why not to try?

    Administrative section can be found: http://jklast.ru/forums/administrirovanie.62/

    There is a list of Requirements for being an Administrator:

    • Age: 18+;
    • Experience of being an administrator before;
    • The ability to think rational and advance level of literacy;
    • Communication skills;

    The Procedure of Posting your app is similar to the Posting the Clan app. (Create Thread with your nickname).

    The Example of Application:

    1. Your Nickname:
    2. Other Nicknames:
    3. Your Name:
    4. Contacts (VK link/Facebook link/Skype):
    5. Administrators you talked to:
    6. How long have you been playing at JKLast server:
    7. How long have you been playing JKA:
    8. Why would you like to become an administrator (precisely):
    9. Describe you with One Word:

    It is vital to mention, you must be very skilled to be and Administrator. This is very responsible role within the Community. You are required to know the commands, know the logic of when the Player must be punished etc. I would strongly recommend to start talking to administrators to catalyse your learning if you are really interested. You also might be asked to pass the short test aimed to evaluate your skills.

    I really Hope that this will help you with understanding how JKLast is Operating. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to Contact me directly through PM on Server/Forum.


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